From Spartanburg, SC

I had been looking for the right Z3, I didn't know much about the cars, i had read all the stuff online and the forums but when it came to it these guys had the right spec car and they were able to explain every last detail. This car now is at my summer home, and my family loves it, we ended up buying and selling 10 cars after this one initial transaction!

Spartanburg, SC

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From Southlake Texas

These guys were in the wheel business years ago, I had a collection of vipers that I had bought wheels for from them over 15 years ago. When it came time to sell my collection, I gave them a call and they bought every single 2nd Gen Viper I owned. They made it fast simple and easy! Wire payment was sent within 15 minutes.

Southlake, TX

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From Newport Beach

I was at Supreme Power in Newport Beach California and the owner is good friends with these guys! I had been in the market for an air cooled 993. They got me in touch and a week later I had my 993 on my front door step at my home in Newport Beach California!

Newport Beach, CA

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From Beverly Hills

After getting outbid on bringatrailer week after week, I decided to give these guys a call, they had a vehicle not even listed on their site that was a pocket listing and they were able to tell me about it before we got off the phone I had wired them the money because it was what I had been in search of for over 5 years! Thank you.

Beverly Hills, CA

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From Hamptons

I was introduced to them from popular website carsandbids.com they had show cased a few vehicles on there and I was lucky enough to purchase my dream car from them. They were extremely honest and down to earth. They are real car guys and do this because it is a passion, not a job!

Hamptons, NY

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From Scottsdale, AZ

I met them at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale, they showed me their cars at the event and I ended up buying a 1971 VW Kombi Van. What a joy this was to own, they had aquired this vehicle from Germany and had it in their collection. I am thrilled to own this magnificent piece of automotive history.

Scottsdale, AZ

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From West Loop, Chicago

I purchased a BMW M3 from Private Collection, not only were they extremely knowledgeable about this vehicle, but they took all the guesswork out of my decision. They made it simple for me to decide that this car was the right fit.

Chicago, IL

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